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Army University Press Documentary Collection Highlights

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This video trailer highlights films available in the AUP Films vault. The Films Team creates deeply-researched and historically accurate documentaries designed to teach current U.S. Army doctrine through the lens of historical vignettes. You will see 3D virtual terrain, animated maps, historic video footage, and images in the documentaries. These assets combine with narration to teach U.S. Army doctrine.

Stalingrad: The Campaign presents an overview of the Soviet Union's German invasion in its documentary film, Stalingrad: The Campaign. Opening with Operation Case Blue in 1942, this documentary covers the German advance east and its eventual culmination. The film concludes with the Soviet counterattack, Operation Uranus, and the German Sixth Army's surrender in February 1943. Watch it now: https://youtu.be/5p7EeTcktVU

Stalingrad: The Grain Elevator highlights the conflict between the German Sixth Army and the Soviet 62nd Army in Southern Stalingrad during September 1942. This documentary examines the tactical fight while highlighting doctrinal concepts such as the importance of key terrain, the impact of leading from the front, and the inherent dangers of unit linkups. Watch it now: https://youtu.be/Z3pMF_8ik6A

Stalingrad: The Battle for the Martenovskii Shop analyzes the Red October Factory fight in Stalingrad, focusing specifically on a heavily defended area known as the Martenovskii Shop. The doctrinal insights emphasize large scale combat operations and references FM 3-0 and other doctrinal publications to educate and inform its viewers. Watch it now: https://youtu.be/1K0SFr2gPbc

Stalingrad: The Commissar's House examines the challenges that armies face when operating in dense urban terrain. Situated in this area, the Commissar's House was an administrative building that became a Soviet strong point in the fight for the factory district. From a doctrinal perspective, this film concentrates on the role of armored vehicles and the use of reserves in dense urban terrain. Watch it now: https://youtu.be/deXzTPe_TF4

France '44: Wet Gap Crossings at Nancy studies a week-long period in September 1944. Lieutenant General George S. Patton's Third Army attempted to cross an assault force at several points across the Moselle River to establish a bridgehead. They then encircled three German Army divisions in the city of Nancy, France. Watch it now: https://youtu.be/jr1z1xPxMNY

Korea: Twin Tunnels addresses how the United States Army of 1950 fought in the Korean peninsula while accentuating doctrine pertinent to today's U.S. Army. After advancing deep into North Korea, the forces allied with South Korea withdrew in the wake of Chinese intervention in late-1950. Under the command of General Matthew B. Ridgway, allied forces attempted to regain the offensive—resulting in the battle at the Twin Tunnels. Watch it now: https://youtu.be/p97eFNwv_Mg

OIF: The Drive to Baghdad addresses the opening stages of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in March and April 2003 and includes lessons from current U.S. Army doctrine. The film begins in summer 2002 with U.S. Central Command's plans for the possible invasion of Iraq and creating the Coalition Forces Land Component Command as the central ground command for the planned attack. The V Corps soldiers had advanced over 300 kilometers into Iraq in 11 days and fought both regular and irregular Iraqi forces, withstood sandstorms, and lost comrades. Watch it now: https://youtu.be/O7pbW1QoPaI

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